...Rene' received top marks from everyone

“We just had Rene Johnson speak to our professional group and she was powerful! Her presentation ‘Plug Your Power Leaks’ gave us several steps to help us make the changes we need to empower our lives and/or business. Each point was valuable. We surveyed the women in attendance and Rene’ received top marks from everyone. Great presentation and dynamic person.” – Bonnie Evensen, Board Member, Women’s Insurance Financial Services ​

 ...allowed me to make my long-time goals a reality

"After meeting Rene, I knew I had to create a way to work with her... Rene’s passion & motivation for serving others was infectious & excited me to get started. My coaching experience with Rene allowed me to make my long-time goals a reality. Her focused action plan assisted me in breaking down my overall vision into smaller more manageable goals to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Rene is an amazing motivator & idea generator who brings out the best in you with her approach to work from your power zone. Thanks Rene! I appreciate all that you have done for me!" – Karie Gibbions, Financial, Small Business Owner 

 ...built key elements of business without working a million hours

“There are many things I can say about René and the effectiveness of her coaching, but I must start with what a fabulous person she is to work with because she is a great listener and genuinely cares. She keeps me on target and holds me accountable. Her coaching builds from smaller pieces into progressively larger that all tie nicely together. I have found that her past experience with coaching other entrepreneurs benefits me because she knows what to look for in potential road blocks… and she knows how to steer me through effectively. René has really helped me to harness my “passion and purpose” so that I can take my skills as a career coach to the next level and be of maximum service to my clients and community. With Rene’s help, I have built key elements of my business and am able to assist my clients in various ways that allow me to build my business without working a million hours… In short, my life is more joyful and balanced and I am better able to assist my clients with the wonderful help of René. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone that wants to take their passion and purpose in life and learn how to effectively build and market the business. She will help you to succeed! “ – Jennifer Anderson, Owner, Career Coach Consulting

... Improved communications and focus on company objectives

Rene Johnson was instrumental in helping leaders determine and establish company values. Her detailed structure allowed us to design and implement a very in-depth driver/dispatch training and retention processes. Building training plans, SOP's, improvement to track daily outcomes and help overall awareness on company performance levels. Improved communications and focus on company objectives, job descriptions, performance reviews and agreement conversations. If you want to see your business change, I would definitely recommend her.  ~ Rick Ownes, VP, Desert Refined Products Transport

...saved me so much time, effort and money

"I certainly wish I'd meet you 10 years ago. The step-by-step, college crash course you teach is indescribably valuable. It would have saved me so much time, effort and money compared to the trial and error method of learning. The "Play Bigger Team Meeting" you facilitated for Sargent Steam did exactly what you expected and I hoped it would do. This is the day that will go down in Sargent Steam history as the day that launched our New Journey to Success. Thank you! Thank You!” ​~ Joyce Mathie, CEO Sargent Steam ​

 ...an asset for any organization

"Rene Johnson has been an absolute pleasure to work with at SHEROES United. Her massive efforts as a volunteer in leadership of the Domestic VIolence Pillar, her brilliant input into the workings of the board from the ground up, and her loving passion helped to raise us from a tiny, baby grassroots organization to global level. Rene is a asset for any organization that she puts her heart into."  ~ Bridget Cook-Burch, Executive Director, Best-Selling Author

 ...focused, full of energy, and on target with knowing what steps

“With only a few hours with Rene’, I have become more self-confident about my skill set. I have also learned how to ‘turn the table’ on understanding my strengths from my client's point of view. Thus, selling from services in a better to understand way for my potential clients. I highly recommend working with Rene. She is focused, full of energy and on-target with knowing what steps an individual needs to tackle to accomplish their goals.” - Ronda Landa, President, IKON Design Inc. 

 ...effective speaker, incredibly empowering and moving stories

"Rene is a wonderful person I have had the chance to cooperate with. We have cooperated in the context of a storytelling campaign that I have launched on LinkedIn. During our engagement and having watched her videos, I believe that she is not only kind hearted and highly empathetic but she is also an effective speaker and storyteller with incredibly empowering and moving personal stories and experiences which can greatly help and inspire others to deal with their insecurities and claim their true purpose. I believe that she is a careful, giving, diligent and value-centered in what she does and I am truly grateful for knowing her."  ~ Philippos Aristotelous, Coach, Speaker, Partner Elias Neocleous & Co LLC​

 ...I highly recommend if not reaching your potential

"Rene helped me at a point in my professional and personal life when I felt 'stuck' and didn't know how to identify why or what I needed to do to move forward. She provided the tools, coaching, and guidance I needed to identify what I really wanted and what was holding me back. I was able to focus my energies and build the confidence I needed to seek new employment and move through some personal challenges. I highly recommend working with Rene if you feel you're not reaching your potential and need an awesome, positive influence who will help you draw your own conclusions about what is holding you back. " ~ Beth Colosimo, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses 

 ...became easier to make decisions...

"I had no idea how stuck I was until I went through the assessment and first few sessions with Rene. Once I realized what was holding me back and how I could change for the better many new avenues opened up in my life. It became easy to make decisions. It became easier to stand up for my ideas and myself. It became easier to “show up” as myself to friends and in business."  – Paula Vollmer, Executive & Mother 

 ...instrumental in leading me to success in both my personal and business life 

"I have been a client of Rene's for about 10 years. She has been instrumental in leading me to success in both my personal and business life through her talent as a coach. Rene is insightful and mindful of what specific coaching needs are relevant, and therefore will customize the coaching sessions to be a meaningful experience. Her vast knowledge as a coach that she has shared with me, has enriched my life and enabled me to achieve my goals and then reach for new goals. Rene's expertise extends into the corporate and group coaching also. I have heard her speak many times and have been motivated by her each time. I highly recommend Rene."  ~ Debbie Isaacs, Branch Lending VP

Speaking & Training

 ...rarely do you meet individuals with her skills

“Rarely do individuals within a company possess the skills Rene has to offer when teaching staff, training, or in developing a program to motivate employees away from their comfort zones.” - Paula Vollmer, HR Manager, Sorenson Communications ​

We have been fortunate to receive HUNDREDS of "success stories" and have highlighted just a few of them here. We also have several clients that see our coaching as a competitive advantage and will share based on referral request. 

 ...I highly recommend...perfect coach

"Rene' has helped me overcome a lot of obstacles...most transforming was overcoming my own thoughts. She is a great coach. She understands business and women and is a perfect coach for Women in Business who want to start and run their days from a peaceful, calm place - not a stressful one. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a life or business coach but especially to women. Turns out, we don't have to have all the answers or have to do it alone." ​~ Christy Fechser, Founder, Modern Wellness

Executive Coaching

...an important part of our real estate team growing

"Rene was an important part of our real estate team growing from 2014-2015. She helped the team gain clarity, put systems and procedures in place, training, and it felt like she was a partner helping the business grow. If you are a business owner and you feel stuck and don't know what you need to do to get "unstuck", Rene is just a phone call away. She helps you find your voice and create a business that will support the life most desire. I highly recommend her. "  ~ Bryan Hurd, CEO, BHURD Realty

​​​A few "Success Stories"... It's truly an honor to have served so many through coaching, consulting, speaking, training, my book and community service. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to share my passions and live my life purpose. ​I welcome adding your success story here! 

 ...training was magnificent...such an impact hired as personal coach

My first introduction to Rene was with a start up company I worked for, that hired her and her team to come in and assist us develop a deeper understanding of what our mission was. The training was magnificent. The level of questions, individual involvement, accountability & follow up was superior to any other training I have ever been thru. Post training, our team thrived. We were communicating better, holding each other accountable, and all on board with a deep passion for what our business purpose was. This training left such an impact that I hired Rene as a personal coach for myself. She didn't hold back. She asks the hard questions, holds you accountable, and opens realizations within yourself that may have been holding you back. All the while Rene is compassionate, powerful, & ultimately creates the space for your true self to emerge. I highly recommend Rene for both business and Personal coaching.  ~ Rosanne Simpson, Director of Sales, UMC

Business Coaching

 ...coaching process that's extraordinarily effective

"Working with Rene' has been tremendously valuable to me. Through her Power Zone principles, she has developed an extraordinarily effective coaching process. Her coaching has taken me from a place of indecision and uncertainty to having a focused action plan in which I am continually moving forward on all of the goals that are important in my life. And, with her encouragement, I am celebrating every step of this exciting journey."
~ Asbury Lockett, Entrepreneur

...reduced stress and more confidence that I am working on the right things

"Rene' has been an incredible coach in helping me clearly define my vision for my business and partnering with me to take charge in creating balance in my life. She has helped me re-energize and focus my team so that we are maximizing our talents and the service we are providing to our clients. She has challenged us and held us accountable to look at our business differently, while teaching us new systems to improve our time management and organization. I feel reduced stress and more confidence that I am working on the right things and we have a structure in place to monitor our pace daily so we know where we stand in relation to our goals. Our communication has increased dramatically and we are working as a team. I consider Rene' to be a great coach and friend and am excited to work with her in the future as I strive to move my business forward." - Kandace Meyer, Owner, American Family Insurance Agency 

 ...our CEO felt it added so much value

"I just wanted to send you a quick “thank you” regarding your presentation today. We had a staff meeting later this afternoon and Bob Gross our CEO talked a lot about your presentation and how much he appreciated the information and ideas. He really felt it was added value and that there were so many components that are such good management tools ie. setting goals, empowering others, taking risks, etc. I am sure we will look to you in the near future for a follow up training session. Again, great job and thank you for quickly responding to our needs!"  ~ Sue Larsen, Chief Administrative Officer, HealthBenefit Corporation 

 ...Successfully helped me achieve my Power Zone

"I consider Rene' a friend and exceptional professional coach. During a tough professional time, I engaged Rene' to get me back into my Power Zone. Over the course of several coaching sessions (and weeks), Rene' successfully helped me achieve my Power Zone and confidence to make significant changes. I highly recommend Rene' and would happily speak with anyone looking to engage her highly effective services." ~ James King, SVP/CSO at Finicity

 ...everyone was raving about the presentation

“Rene gave the presentation, Leaving Your Comfort Zone, to about 200 businesswomen as part of the event, American Express Women in Business Conference, sponsored by our firm. Everyone was raving about the presentation afterward. As a professional woman and a mother, I am always looking for ways to be more effective in both of my “jobs.” Rene’s program and book have made a significant impact on me and have helped me to really understand the importance of prioritizing and structuring my personal and professional goals.”  - Tanya Noreen Lewis, Richards Brandt Miller Nelson ​

 ...pleased to share event was a success

“I am pleased to share with you the event was a success, and approximately 100 participants attended to take advantage of the focus workshop you hosted. Guests found the empowerment workshop informative and the stress release topic very helpful. I welcome another opportunity to collaborate our efforts to benefit the community.”  ~ Senator, Deborah V. Ortiz, California 

...highly informative, such a big success

"As Chair of the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Development Committee, I invited Rene to present to our Advanced Growth Members. Rene did an excellent job! Her presentation was titled, How to Get More Done Through Other People, and focus on all the reasons why people fail to delegate. The workshop participants found her presentation tips highly useful in their leadership positions within small businesses and corporations. Thank you, Rene for a highly informative presentation and for helping make our Advanced Growth Workshop such a big success!" ~ Olga de la Cruz, Marketing and Communications

 ...stretched out of my comfort zone and honored my goals

"Rene, First of all I would like to let you know how happy I am to be coached by you. I love your energy and I appreciate the way you drive our coaching relationship to honor my goals. Last night you did a great job. You drove me in the place I wasn’t sure I would go by myself. It was wonderful." – Dany Fontaine, Executive 

...tremendous factor in helping us grow into the largest and highest producing 

"One of the most significant decisions we at City Creek have made as a company was to bring on a coaching mentor to help elevate us to the next level. With her Power Zone Coaching, author and Life Coach Rene Johnson has been a tremendous factor in helping us grow into the largest and highest producing mortgage team in the state. Her expertise brought clarification and direction to our vision of being the most “Trusted, Respected and Loved” mortgage company in Utah and her continued guidance manages our path and growth in that direction. By challenging us each and every day, she has pushed us out of our comfort zones in a way we never thought possible and always holds us accountable for the commitment we share as a team towards our overall vision. Rene’ s new office is located in the new office space next to City Creek Studios, so she is always readily available to push us even further in our professional development!" ~ Mike Roberts, CEO, City Creek Mortgage