The CEO Spot: Features René Johnson, discussing, Leadership From The Power Zone, September 2018

Sharing inspiring lessons to empower your life and leadership impact.

Check out these short inspiring  #7stories7lesssons on:

  • Where there's a will there's a way
  • Whitewater rafting - A leadership lesson
  • What you see is what you get
  • Finding your $9,999 X-Spot
  • Confronting the Taboo word STRESS
  • The emperor with no clothes - Leadership Vulnerability
  • My personal POWER story - Finding my Power Zone in a Near Death Domestic Violence, and turning into a non-profit and business

Previously Featured: 

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Rene' Johnson's featured interview on - Impacting your life, business, and community!  iHeart Radio, August 2015



Listen to the episode!

Facebook Live Interview  - Ultimate Women On The Rise! July 2018​​


Rene' shares tips on - Leaders supporting employees after a lay-off.  Featured, Blog Talk Radio, October 2010

Featured in - Ultimate Women International Magazine, June 2018 (Click on the article above to read)

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You'll Discover: 

  • The most significant influence you have as a leader to achieve your vision and improve your bottom-line! 
  • Which "Power Leaks" - are causing wasted time, wasted money and lack of using yours and the teams' strengths and talents.
  • Your Power Zone Performance level and how much power is being left on the table!

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you'll gain valuable insight as to which Power Leaks are draining your ability to transform your leadership into the vehicle necessary to - reach your VISION, increase business profits, and experience more joy in life.

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Sept 2018: René Johnson - Tapping Into Your Personal Power to Generate Incredible Results. This is for ANY leader!

 Rene' Johnson was "featured" in this article shared  to over 18,000 CEO's. 
Sept 2018


 Check out this podcast broadcasted to over 60,000, where I shared:

  • The strange career the host mistakenly thought I did prior to becoming the Power Zone Coach (this one made me laugh and it will you too!)
  • An inspiring case study of how my client went from on the brink of losing everything to thriving relationships and business in less than a year.
  • The #1 thing that makes life and business so much easier.
  • How I discovered how to leave your comfort zone and work in your power zone to make a difference in the world.  Gifters, July 2018

Featured in - See Beyond Magazine, September 2018 (Click on the article above to read)

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