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What readers are saying...

"If you know where you are going and can communicate that confidently, clearly and passionately, there's no limit to, how far you can go or how far people will follow you."
​From Leaving Your Comfort Zone ~ René Johnson

Leaving Your Comfort  Zone  has been a life-changing, transformational book in the lives of many US women as well as international clients. Though written for professional women, men have enjoyed reading and share being powerfully impacted by the  6 Power Zone Principles™  included. Also, this has become a powerful tool for René Johnson's clients with several businesses investing in the entire team to read and leave their comfort zones! 

In this book, the author René Johnson shares her passion for helping professional women lead their lives from their Power Zones. The Power Zone is where transformation happens, courage is found, inspiration is fired up, passion and confidence combine and taking risks to grow and fulfilling your dreams looks achievable. René strongly feels that when women explore the boundaries of their comfort zone, they can become an empowered leader in all areas of their life, creating a ripple effect to all they influence. As a result, their lives, businesses, and communities they serve are all enriched. Empowered leaders at all levels are much needed in our society and the world today. With her message, René wants to positively challenge women (and men inspired by the message) to step up and find their “inner” leaders and breakthrough to their Power Zones. This book continues to change lives for the better as it’s not like other books that will inspire you yet leaving you thinking – now what! Instead, it’s created as a guide with René gently and passionately coaching the reader through the 6 Power Zone Principles™, while sharing her personal story and client examples, with detailed step-by-step instructions to turn inspiration into powerful action. 


Since René Johnson can remember, she felt called to a greater purpose – the calling she now claims as an inspired leader and gifted empowerment coach. Her personal story is one of courage and defining moments, which led to her life path of helping others find their voice and deeper power to make significant changes.

Against the odds, in the early nineties, René escaped a marriage of what the District Attorney would later say, “was the worst case of domestic violence he ever saw, she’s lucky to be alive.” She realizes now this was a pivotal part of fulfilling her purpose, though it wasn’t clear at the time, nor did it feel inspired and blissful. She thought she was only acting out of survival instinct to protect her and her children.

Eventually, she recognized that it required courage, planning, focus and unrelenting spirit to go through the transformation and grueling legal process to start a new life. Every time she has stepped into fear and away from comfort, she grew, learned something new about herself, and claimed a deeper power expressing her potential more completely.

Now it is her life’s work to teach others how to do the same. 

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