Turn Leadership into "Your Greatest Profit" Center = More Joy and Peace in Your Life! 

Most business leaders suffer from “Power Leaks” that cause lost revenue, missed growth opportunities and a lack of ability to harness their power to fulfill a bigger vision. Finally you can STOP wasting your money, STOP wasting your time and START using yours and your teams strengths and talents to confidently fulfill the vision you never thought possible and live the life you deserve. With my proven proprietary processes and over 20 years of educating coaching and inspiring leaders, my clients are able to quickly increase their confidence, take charge and
​"Plug Their Power Leaks"! As a result, many clients have
tripled their growth and revenue, and all have greatly improved their leadership voice and quality of life! 

If having a partner to help you reach your Leadership Power Zone speaks to you,
I'd welcome hearing from you. ​

Rene' Johnson, CEC
Author, Inspirational Speaker, Founder
The Power Zone Coach

Stop wasting PRECIOUS time and get unstuck!

Your business is the VEHICLE to live your life!

The Power Zone - Where you deliberately create your life, claim your power and make a difference with those you lead and influence! 

Turn your leadership into your GREATEST profit center!

​Our clients say it best...

Find your leadership VOICE and experience more joy!

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